The Ultimate SEO Guide For Doctors & Medical Centers (2020)

seo for doctors

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The ultimate SEO guide for doctors & medical centers

SEO is very important for doctors who either have a personal practice or medical centers who want to increase their rankings in their local city. SEO is a long-term game plan but the results you can get are well worth the investment. I created this guide after I was able to rank a holistic doctor in Dallas on the 1st page just after a few months of doing SEO.

Here is a quick guide on how to maximize SEO as a physician. Read through to know more, especially if you are new to SEO.

1. Determine your top keywords according to your practice

As a doctor, if you do not already have a website designed for your practice, then you should build one for yourself. If you do not know how to do that, hire a professional to get the job done for you. An adept professional will know that creating a website for your business is one of the best ways to represent your practice online, and as such, your website must contain relevant keywords, photos, videos, and even texts that can let people ass well as search engines know what your content is about. 

When you use the right set if keywords to optimize the contents of your website, you stand the chance of increasing your rankings on Google. Use keywords that are related to your kind of medical practice, location, specialty, symptoms as well as various health conditions you treat. The kind of procedures you use in such practices should also be mentioned with specific keywords. It will help you a lot when people search for your website.

2. Add local keyword modifiers to your keywords

Now, assuming you are some kind of family doctor from the US, or perhaps an ophthalmologist from Los Angeles, you can use some keywords in combination with some modifiers to make the search easy for users. Here are some ideas you can use to get started;

1. Los Angeles ophthalmologist

2. Laser eye surgery Los Angeles

3. Cataract surgery Los Angeles.

The keyword used there could be the practice the doctor offers like laser eye surgery, cataract surgery and ophthalmologist. But, the modifiers added to the keywords, which is the location of these doctors, will make it easier for their website to rank highly on Google. Besides, it’s proven that one of the best methods of getting local patients around you to patronize your business is by using a location name as part of your keywords. This will local residents who are in need of your kind of service locate you with ease. 

Here is a good way to find valuable keywords for your practice for free. Simply type your physician speciality and add your city in Google such as in the picture below.

You could also use long-tail keywords in place of local keywords. Long-tail keywords are also a good alternative to the use of local keywords because, since these keywords are longer, they are usually very easy to rank for. Also, people might be searching for your practice using such keywords. 

Here are some long-tail keywords you can use:

1. What is the best way to clean my glasses

2. How do I keep my contact lenses safe

3. Can I use my contact lenses while playing football, etc.

3. Optimize for local search

Most times, people would rather patronize a doctor that is located nearby, and as such, their searches will only involve a particular location or neighborhood. So, it only makes sense that when you build your website, you should try to optimize it for these kinds of searches as it will yield you more customers/patients. If you are not sure how to do this, keep reading;

Include relevant content and keywords on pages

Relevant content could mean your location, your title tags, and your other site copy. Also, be sure to add your address in the footer section of the page, preferably the landing page of your site. If you offer more than one practices and you have created different websites on them, make sure your address is the same on these websites. Your social media accounts, Google map and various medical directories online should also have the same address. 

Optimize Google my business

Optimizing Google my business is a good way to rank highly on Google as a doctor, so make sure you are listed there. To be listed on Google my business, first of all, you need to have a listing on the platform. Then verify and update that listing if necessary. Note that sometimes Google can create the listing for you. When this happens, chances are that your business will be listed on Google maps even if you have not done such a this before. 

Include hyper related content on your blog

Adding hyper related contents to your blog will help you a lot. Hyper related content may not necessarily have anything to do with your practice, but they are still related to your physical location. This should be best used for blog topics and could be related to your industry and the city you are located in. However, be very careful when adding these kinds of content to your blog because it might not end too well for you. Add these kinds on contents to your blog sparingly. Don’t flood your website with irrelevant contents.

Create city landing pages

The very first page a user visits on your website is the landing page. If you have previously added a link to your website on your social media pages, then, when customers click such links, they are directed to your landing page. Make sure your landing page is optimized for your city as well. It might help those potential customers around the neighborhood who are looking for your services.

Create review generation strategy

Reviews and ratings are very important when it comes to enhancing inline marketing. This is not only needed by doctors but a lot of business owners out there. It really doesn’t matter if the reviews are positive or negative. What matters is that you get those reviews from your customers. However, a positive review will do you a lot of good rather than a negative one.

4. Create a content marketing strategy

If you want your site to rank very high in search engine result pages, then you should have a content marketing strategy. Always consider these things when adding new content to your website; relevance of content, number of pages of the content, and the number of visits. A good blog post will make sure to take all these factors to consider. Also, writing a new post on your site as often as you can, can be very helpful in a lot of ways. Not only will this increase the number of pages in your site, but it will also grant new visitors the opportunity to know more about your business. If you write new content for your blog, write only unique contents and be sure to focus on topics that are trending. Use selected keywords when writing your content.

Create informational content to drive more traffic

Always add informational content to your blog. Don’t post gossip or booting topics that are not interesting to read. As a tip, you should use science-based facts to write informational content for your blog. It will only be from a reliable source, but it will also engage your readers as well.

Provide free guides and tips

By using tips and tricks, you provide eye-catching topics for your readers. They are kind of like suggestions to a particular problem, which make it fun and interesting for your readers to read, even if they don’t have such problems.

Create an opt-in strategy with free E-book or guide

Using a free eBook to create an opt-in the platform for your customers is also a good idea. You can get them to subscribe to your website or newsletters by doing so.

5. Do email marketing to clients and opt-ins

A great way to promote yourself as a doctor is through email marketing. Newsletters. This is one of the best and most common aspects of email marketing strategies that exist out there today. It is based on providing useful information to your customers/patients in your mailing list about the various discounts, products, and services your practice is willing to offer at a particular time.

6. Use social media to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website

Being active on social media is a good way to increase your prospects for your business. Your business can be greatly enhanced with the help of social media nowadays. 

A doctor that wants to be successful through internet marketing will learn to integrate properly with various social media platforms to boosts their SEO. Links that are from social media platforms like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so many others, can help boost your SEO Rankings by a landslide, mainly because these platforms are well known and trusted by Google.

With social media, you can do a lot more to help boost your website and services. You can share photos about your practice on Facebook and Instagram, you can connect to colleagues or other potential partners and customers via LinkedIn. With social media, you can easily grow your brand with so much ease and less effort.

If you don’t own a social media account, I suggest you get one now and start posting on them as often as you can and as soon as possible. The benefits of using social media to increase traffic to your site as well as growing your brand as a whole van simply not be overemphasized.

7. Do guest posts on local business in your city and for other doctors

This is a very good way to increase your exposure and create awareness to people about your services. Writing guest blog posts and showing face in online discussions are two helpful ways to do this. It may take a while to produce results form this, but, still, it is a better alternative to buying links. If you are caught buying links for your website, you may be penalized by search engines, which will inevitably ruin your rank and ratings.

8. Create authority in your niche and location

One of the easiest ways to build authority in your niche and location and at the same time make your presence known to people is to build website traffic. Website traffic impacts your SEO in a lot of ways. If you have a sufficient amount of traffic being directed towards your website, it shows that you are definitely doing something right and it gives it more authority and higher rankings on search engines. Not only will website traffic boost your SEO, but it will also help you improve your practice as well. There are a lot of ways you can use to boost your website traffic, and the most common of these are

1. Using newsletters to boost email marketing strategies

2. Using social media to build your audience and establish a customer base

3. Using ads (advertisements) on social media to promote your website.

9. Is your website mobile-friendly? 

Having a mobile-friendly website today is a must to be able to obtain higher rankings. Google has publically stated that website that is not mobile-friendly will not have very good chances of ranking on the first page. WordPress is a very common content management system, but some websites in the healthcare industry sometimes decide to go with an alternative CMS. Check with your local web development company in order to make sure that your website is in fact optimized for mobile searches.

If you’re looking for an SEO expert who has extensive experience with running successful SEO campaigns in the medical industry to help your medical practice rank above your competitors! We would be happy to have a talk with you, contact me today!

Check out this infographic for more cool tips!

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